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04 September 2010 @ 11:52 am
 So I was jonesing for some Supernatural icons and I stumbled across this post of Samifer icons. It's no real secret over in Spn Land that Jared Padalecki's portrayal of Lucifer-in-Sam's-body was totally baller. I've seen the episodes. I do not have to be convinced of this fact. But seriously, look at those facial expressions. 
They are not "Sam" expressions.

Idk. I was impressed. I think it's hella-sweet how an actor can use the same body to send such different messages, especially in the same television show, and, kinda-sorta, when playing the same character. I say "kinda-sorta" because I think it would have been so easy to look at that part as "Sam-Possessed-by-Lucifer" and just play it as "Evil!Sam" rather than as two entirely different personas. Even in "Swan Song", we literally go from "Hi, I'm Sam Winchester, I'm kinda emo in that 'my-life-legit-kinda-sucks-and-you-should-hug-me' way" to "Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm kinda emo in that 'really-creepy-slightly-mentally-unstable-and-you-should-probably-stay-away-from-me' way."

So, good job, Jared Padalecki. Gold star. 

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27 February 2009 @ 10:34 pm
Off the Deep End

This is my boyfriend's blog. It corresponds with his radio show (which can be listened to here on Monday nights at 8PM) however, you don't have to listen to the show to appreciate it. If you're a big music aficionado, or you just want to see what a better writer he is than me (and he is) then check it out. Hits have been slow in coming. He'll appreciate it.

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Well that was a short-lived bliss.

"Requiem" was accepted to be read at the Sigma Tau Delta International Conference in Minneapolis, MN in March. The president of our fraternity works for Hyatt and got us rooms for about $20 a night. The English department and University itself will provide funds to any student presenting, up to $300.

$20 x 3 nights= $60
Registration Fee= $50
Round trip air fare Pittsburgh to Minneapolis= about $300

It looked like I was good to go at only owing about $110. I can do $110. I might have to go without a few textbooks, but I can do $110.

Except that "provison of funds" comes in the form of reimbursement. In order to be reimbursed for something, one must have the funds to spend in the first place. I do not have $300 to spent right now and then wait until mid-July to get a reimbursement check from the good old 'pizzle. I have $70 in my bank account and a tuition bill to pay.

Soooo it looks like I will not be going to Minneapolis with my honors fraternity.  I'm going to talk to our president tonight at our meeting and see if something, anything can be worked out....but I'm thinking I'm SOL.

Literary mags and conferences are great for publishing, but I need to start getting paid.  I think I'll start looking for magazines to submit to. I feel more confident now that I have actual publishing credentials. Sort've. I mean, it's just an honors fraternity, but its an international honors fraternity.  I think that should count for something. And they picked me twice.

I'll now return to my regularly scheduled library shift; reading femnazi tracts for homework, writing an epic about abortion, and finishing a letter to my 5th grade teacher. We've been exchanging letters for 10 years and I wuv her.
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03 December 2008 @ 12:05 pm